• Steve Nozicka is known for his exquisite and compelling lighting that captures the simple and natural beauty of an element.
  • He received a camera during high school and his love for photography became his gift. He studied photography at Southern Illinois University and then opened a commercial photography studio in the great River North area.
  • After 20 years and thousands of images, Steve has earned a well worn reputation as one of the best commercial photographers in Chicago. Some of the more recent awards include 2012 International Photography Award, 2012 Chicago ADDY Silver Award, Archive's 200 Best Photographers Worlwide for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. An artist becomes remarkable when his perception of the world is noted by peers for its uniqueness.
  • Steve has consistently demonstrated versatility in his work. He is an artist who is passionate about every detail, yet able to capture that rare moment of spontaneity. His images can be seen for their enduring impact in advertising.